Spanish Military Hospital Video

This video was recorded during one of our investigations of the Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine, FL.
In this video, Ben is playing with the video recorder on his camera as he is waiting for the team downstairs to finish their part of the investigation. At the bottom of the stairs and beyond the door to the right is a room that we were not investigating and the team downstairs was investigating in the following room. The door between those two rooms was also closed. Although this video doesn’t capture anything paranormal directly, what makes this video interesting is that it happens to catch members of both teams reporting that they are hearing sounds coming from the room in between them. Listen closely to the video and you will hear Kevin calling into base to report he is hearing noises and asking if anyone is downstairs.

We do not claim that the footsteps you hear are from downstairs. There is no way to know where they are coming from and can just as likely be an investigator upstairs coming to see what Ben is reporting.

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