Soldier’s Cemetery EVP

Soldier’s Cemetery

Ed captured this incredible EVP on our first investigations of the Soldier’s Cemetery. We felt that what Ed recorded seemed to sound like a Native American voice. We set out to find a answer and after some hard work for some of our investigators we found that we were correct. We have had this EVP listened to by two different translators who both said that the dialect is an old Creek Indian language and they both were able to translate it for us.

During one of our sweeps of the cemetery the sensitive on Ed’s team began feeling uncomfortable. We pulled to team out and asked them if they wanted to go back in and of course they did, so we replaced the sensitive with one from the other team and sent them back in. It was at this point we recorded a voice asking us why we came back after we had said we were leaving, saying roughly “I thought you said you where leaving”. This is also one of the clearest EVP’s we’ve ever recorded.

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