Occurrence in California Cemetery

It was about 9pm. My two sisters, my three children and my niece (all grown) went to the site of a grave in a cemetery in Ojai California. This site has been documented to have ongoing paranormal activity. I may have submitted this story earlier, upon discussing this with my sister just hours ago she reminded me of another odd experience that happened. We were all gathered around the grave site of a girl who died at 11yrs of age..cause of death unknown. There have been numerous sitings of her playing around this grave site. Our flash light lighting up the area, we quietly stood holding hands and began to talk to her in hopes she would appear or give us a sign, She did! As we stood there, a beautiful gray cat with a bell around it’s neck walked out from behind the grave stone! Now there were several flashlights illuminating the entire area, not to mention we would have heard the bell around this cats neck should it have come from any direction. The cat stood directly in front of the grave stone and looked at us. My daughter reached out to touch the cat and it jumped into her arms. She cooed with the cat while the rest of us looked for an explanation for that appearance of this cat. Soon it was time to leave and my daughter released the cat. The cat walked back to the grave stone and sat. We watched as the cat began to walk to the north of the grave site, it turned to look at us and vanished!!!! I swear on all that is holy it vanished.
OK so now we are all pretty freaked and decide it is time to run! 5 of us turned to go to my car which was approximately 100 to 150 ft away, while 2 went to my sisters car about 40 ft away. As we began our walk toward the car, My son reached and grabbed me and pulled my back as he did this I looked up toward the car and there was a figure of a man leaning in a relaxed manner against the left front bumper of my car. My sister, both my sons and I saw Him! I said, thinking it was someone who over sees the cemetery. “oops we’re busted!’ our cheap flashlights were not strong enough to light the figure, we continued to walk toward my car thinking of all kinds of excuses as to why we were there at such an hour, haha. We were probably about 40-50ft from the car and the figure melted!!!! right before our eyes he melted!! Ok now I am beyond freaked and scared out of my wits. We got to the car and there was a horrible stench, it was like burnt flesh and hair. It was sickening! We all jumped into the car and flew to the entrance of the cemetery with all windows down to hopefully rid the air of the stench. As we approached the entrance, the stench was gone! In a matter of moments it was gone! This was only the beginning of a weekend of surprising, exhilarating and scary happenings.


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