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Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation

The Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation team is a group of individuals that have a deep, often lifelong,  interest in the paranormal and a desire to learn more. Our members come from all walks of life and include business managers, I.T. Directors, ordained members of the clergy, several business owners, a teacher, dance instructor, a general contractor and a former law enforcement officer and a military instructor as just a few members of our team. Each member brings his or her own expertise to each investigation. Our team has a wide range of experience in investigating the paranormal, from our investigating members to several lead investigators, some of whom have over 19 years of investigation experience. Only members who have gone through our training with a Lead Investigator or our Director attend investigations at private locations.


Kevin Fike
Founder / Director
Director of Investigations
Historical Research
Writer / Editor

Kevin with his son Chandler at the House on Horror Hill

Kevin has been an avid ghost enthusiast since his introduction to the paranormal at a very early age because of growing up in a haunted home. Third grade found him in the library studying many of the early hauntings but the famous photograph of the “Brown Lady” had the largest impact. A love of photography soon developed and by the time he finished high school some of his work had hung in the High Museum of Art and The Georgia Museum of Art. His love of the paranormal was never far behind and by 1996 he had investigated his first of many North Georgia hauntings. Although Kevin was a member of local and national paranormal investigation groups in 2004 he founded and subsequently directs Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation.  He created a group with the ultimate goal of helping people who are experiencing a haunting, especially in situations that may be harmful.   Although he has a personal goal of proving the existence of ghosts he saw the need for a group that focused on the historic aspects of haunted locations.  He feels that historical research needs to be as intensive as the actual ghost investigation.

Cell: 404-791-9193

Tim Naylor
Assistant Director
Malevolent Studies
Tim is a true professional who brings with him years of paranormal and law enforcement experience. He joined us in 2005 and soon moved into a Lead Investigator role. His interest in the paranormal began while growing up experiencing many “ghostly” activities. Tim assists Kevin with determining the best approach when dealing with malevolent activity. He also works with Case Management, where his interviewing skills have proved invaluable.

Cecil is pictured here during our investigation of Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, KY.

Cecil Fike
Senior Investigator







Wendell with his daughter Wendy.

Wendell Whitfield
Senior Investigator
Case Manager

Wendell joined our team back in 2010 and we quickly realized how lucky we were to have him.  His extensive leadership background has made him a vital part of the day to day operations of Historic Ghost Watch.  Wendell handles most of our cases as HGWI’s Case Manager and is one of our Senior Investigators.  Wendell also brings a vast knowledge of the inner workings of homes and businesses from his work as a general contractor and owning his own HVAC business. Plumbing, pest control and electrical wiring problems don’t get past him either.  In his spare time he has spent the last 34 plus years donating his time (blood, sweat, and tears) every October to run a haunted house in Alpharetta, Ga known as House on Horror Hill.  Each year the house opens it’s doors to the areas’ youth and gives them a safe, drug and alcohol free, place to spend the Halloween season.  Because of Wendell, his family and the extended family of the House on Horror Hill, many young lives have been turned around while working within the walls of the haunted house.

Daniel Gemzer

Gemzer is pictured here during our investigation of The Willard Library in Evansville, In
Gemzer is pictured here during our investigation of The Willard Library in Evansville, In

Senior Investigator
Investigation Tech.







James Mathis412408_10150674916784087_326091951_o
Senior Investigator
Investigation Tech.
Historical Researcher






Jessie is pictured here during our investigation of The Willard Library in Evansville, In


Jessie Carey
Sensitive Studies
Administrative Assistant
Senior Investigator






Terence Queen10929104_10203595975207063_3641354092819758096_n
Base Director
Senior Investigator





Katie is pictured here atop Machu Picchu in Peru. (so jealous)

Katie Teems







Justin Privett

Ashley Old Salem
Ashley is pictured here during a scouting trip to Haunted Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC

Ashley Willard







Hugh Keeter10422603_913664105345221_9024614632692797628_n







Laurie is pictured here during an investigation of a home in South Ga.

Laurie Cory
Historical Research
Writer / Editor

Laurie was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and has been a ghost enthusiast all her life. The first book she remembers reading was an anthology of stories called Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts. Laurie didn’t officially begin investigating until she was an adult when she became a member of one of the first ghost investigating groups (The Georgia Haunt Hunt Team) in Atlanta in 1998. She, now, is an out of state consultant for various teams throughout the country and often aids other teams in historical research. Her areas of interest are Appalachian folk tales, EVPs, historical research and Civil War history.

Liz is pictured during an investigation of a plantation in Northeast Georgia.

Elizabeth Haley






Thank You! 
Kevin Fike, and all the members of Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation, wish a very heart felt “Thank You” to Laurie Cory. In the first two years of the organization her hard work and tireless efforts helped get Historic Ghost Watch out to the public. Laurie was an instrumental part in building the foundation of Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation. Much of what we are today is because of the ground work she helped create in the beginning.

Laurie, Thank you for all you have done for Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation. You are truly an asset to our team.