Our Investigations

tim in Fog 1On this page you will find an ever growing list of the investigations we have done over the years.  We will also use this page to submit to the public our findings from some of the Investigations. We believe that the history of the location is an important part of each site. Far too many people forget that there were people throughout the years that called these areas home. It’s important to investigate with the understanding that many emotions may have flooded these areas before you. If an area is actually haunted, ask “why?”. Our mission is to find out what those reasons may be in as respectful a manner as possible.  Below you will also find some of our private investigations. These investigations are posted with the owners consent and will not contain any names of the individuals associated with the property.

Our investigations will always be under the supervision of a Director of Investigations.  Any investigation done under the name of “Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation” that does not contain at least one director or Investigation Team Leader is not one of our investigations.  All of our members carry ID badges which show their current membership level and active membership for a specific year.  If you have been contacted by someone who isn’t on our “Who we are” page or know of an investigation conducted under the “Historic Ghost Watch and Investigation” name without our Director or an Investigation Team Leader please click here

Abbeville Home – Abbeville, SC
Abbeville Opera House – Abbeville, SC
Allatoona Pass – Cartersville GA……4 investigations
Anthony’s Restaurant – Buckhead, GA……4 investigations
Antique Store – Roswell, GA
Athens Home (Private) – Athens GA
Alpharetta Home (Private) – Alpharetta, GA

Baptist Church Cemetery – Kennesaw, GA
Ballground Home – Ballground, GA
Bonaventure Cemetery – Savannah, GA
Baptist Church – North GA

Carrollton Home (Private) – Carrollton, GA……3 investigations
Cumming Home (Private) – Cumming, GA
Corinth Home (Private) – Corinth, GA……3 investigations

Devil’s Turnaround – Marietta, GA……6 investigations
Devil’s Turnaround Home – Marietta, GA


FlameTree Glass, Inc. – Roswell, GA……5 investigations

Gaither’s Plantation – Covington, GA……3 investigations

Harriett’s Bluff Home (Private) – Harriet’s Bluff, GA
Hell’s Church – Canton, GA……4 investigations
Hot Dog Heaven – Woodstock, GA……3 investigations
Haunted Alley – Marietta, GA
Haunted Harley Shop – Savannah, GA
House on Horror Hill – Alpharetta, GA……5 Investigations
Howard Finster Vision House – Summerville, GA



Kennesaw Mountain Home (Private) – Marietta, GA
Kennesaw Home #1 (Private) – Marietta, GA
Kennesaw Home #2 (Private) – Marietta, GA
Kennesaw Home #3 (Private) – Marietta, GA
(The) Kennesaw House (The Marietta Museum of History) – Marietta,GA

Lawrenceville Historic Cemetery – Lawrenceville……2 investigations
Lawrenceville Home (Private) – Lawrenceville, GA……2 investigations
Lost Mountain Home – North GA

Marietta Ice Center (The MIC) – Marietta, GA……2 investigations
Marietta Museum of Art……2 investigations
Marietta Museum (undisclosed)
Marietta Square Business – Marietta, GA (undisclosed)
Marietta Square Business #2 – Marietta, GA (undisclosed)……2 investigations
Marietta Square Business #3- Marietta, GA (undisclosed)
Marietta Square Business #4- Marietta, GA (undisclosed)……2 investigations
Marietta Square Home (Private) – Marietta, GA
Marietta Square Home #2 (Private) – Marietta, GA
Marietta Square Restaurant – Marietta, GA (undisclosed)
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Moon River Brewery – Savannah, GA……6 investigations


Old Roswell Cemetery – Roswell, GA…….5 investigations
Old Roswell Cemetery – Roswell, GA
The Old Jail – St. Augustine, FL

P. S. Baptist Church – North GA
Pearle’s House (Private) – South Georgia……5 investigations
Petersen’s Florist – Marietta, GA……2 investigations
Pirate’s House – Savannah GA……2 investigations
The Public House (J Christophers) – Roswell, GA……5 investigations
Private Homes (Undisclosed locations)


Roswell Home 1 (Private) – Roswell, GA
Roswell Home 2 (Private) – Roswell, GA
Roswell Home 3 (Private) – Roswell, GA……2 Investigations

Scarlett O’Hara’s Pub – St. Augustine FL
Soldier Cemetery – North East, GA……5 investigations
Sorrel Weed House – Savannah, GA
Spanish Military Hospital – St. Augustine, FL……3 investigations
St. James Episcopal Cemetery – Marietta, GA ……2 investigations
St. James Episcopal Cemetery – Marietta, GA
Stone Mountain Home (Private) – Stone Mountain, GA
Sweat Mountain Home 1 (Private) – Woodstock, GA
Sweat Mountain Home 2 (Private) – Woodstock, GA……2 investigations

Tarleton Oaks – Barnesville, GA……3 investigations
Three Bear Cafe – Marietta, GA……2 investigations
Taylor Memorial Hospital – Hawkinsville, GA

USS North Carolina – Wilmington, NC


Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky
Willard Library – Evansville, In




Undisclosed Locations

Historic Ghost Watch has been asked to do five investigations, to date, where NO information can be released to the public. These locations are fragile because of their age and are, typically, of a historical importance to there respective community. These are locations where an on-going effort is being made to preserve the site.

Historic Ghost has completed many investigations of private homes where the home owners asked that no information be released and where they weren’t comfortable with any type of location given. These are grouped together under “Private Homes (Undisclosed locations)”.

We wish to thank those individuals who have allowed us access to these areas and we also respect their wishes that their location remain undisclosed.