House on Horror Hill EVP

12088201_901930526567191_4542517945072976910_nThis EVP was recorded during our investigation of the House on Horror Hill in Alpharetta, GA.  The story behind this EVP and investigation that night is an interesting one.  This investigation was put together last minute because of the activity that was encountered during the house being open as a haunted house.  Several groups of guests came to us to report seeing a dark figure in one of our rooms.  It was when the actors in that room also starting reporting activity that we decided to put together an investigation after the house closed.   This EVP was captured at the end of our investigation and it was actually recorded on three of the teams recorders.

Click here to see what we hear

On this EVP we hear “Who’s the Bitch”. What makes this EVP such an interesting one is how loud it is and that it sounds as loud and as clear as the other voices in the room. None of the investigators heard anything at the time this was recorded and if someone on the team yelled “who’s the Bitch” there would have been some type of reaction from other team members.


To hear more about this EVP and the investigation on which it was recorded please come by the House on Horror Hill during the weekends of October. We usually have our base unit set up in front of the house. This give us the perfect location to meet with the public and talk about investigations, play EVP’s and answer questions. This investigation is almost always a part of that discussion.

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