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Willard Library
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The Willard Library is over 110 years old and the oldest public library building in Indiana. To date there have been countless reports of strange activity and the “Lady in Grey” . The first recorded incident took place over sixty years ago to a library employee. At this site you will be able to view their cams, take a virtual tour and check out countless photographs while you decide if the reports are true.

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Ordsall Hall
Ordsall Hall, Salford’s Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house was first recorded in 1177. Since then, it has been home to medieval gentry, Tudor nobility, Catholics loyal to the crown, butchers, farmers, an Earl, an artist, priests, scout troops, mill workers, cows and several ghosts!
Ordsall Hall is famous for its resident spirits, most often spotted in the Great Hall, including the mysterious White Lady and the figure of a young girl often seen on the stairs.

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