Early Morning in an Inn

I lived in Ojai, CA and worked at the Ojai Valley Inn in the late 90’s. I was the morning host and had to be there earlier than usual due to the pro golfing tour. I was walking towards the beautiful wood doors that opened to the dining area. I walked through the doors I was chilled through and through. I couldn’t figure it out so I checked the air conditioning and it was off and so I just thought it unusual and then I was just unable to warm up all morning long. I asked a long time waitress if there had been any ghost sightings and she said yes indeed. She also told of an older visitor that had passed in the wing in a room where I had just passed by that morning. She told me that several people had experienced that and also before the dining room was carpeted and they would be cleaning up at night that as they were ready to leave they could hear the chairs being moved. The next morning the chairs and or silverware would be messed with. Its is really a neat place to see.

William H.

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