Dogs are Ghosts Too

About 2 years ago, I was a member of a ghost investigating team here in Atlanta. We received a call from a woman who lived near Moores Mill Rd. in Atlanta. She thought her house was haunted and asked if we could come investigate it for her.  We arrived at the house and were introduced to the woman, her housekeeper and her two toy poodles. I am an animal lover so I probably spent as much time petting the dogs that followed me around the house as I did investigating the house. After going through the house several times with an EMF meter and a digital thermometer, we had very little to report. None of the pictures we took contained any thing of interest either. After spending a couple of uneventful hours there, we had congregated in one of the bedrooms to talk about our findings (or lack there of) with the owner.  As I stood off to one side, listening with one ear to my team talk, I felt one of the poodles jump up on me, wanting me to pet it. I reached down to pet it and felt nothing. I looked down and there were no dogs in the room. I gasped and looked at my team members, with what must have been a kind of odd look as all of them suddenly turned around and looked at me. “What’s wrong?” they asked.  I said, “A dog just jumped on me.” They saw that no dogs were in the room and one of them grabbed the thermometer and measured the air temperature by my leg where I had just felt the dog. The temperature measured about 10 degrees cooler than the other air around me. The owner got a strange look on her face and said “I had another poodle. He died last month.”   It just goes to show that ghost dogs are just like live dogs, they can’t stand to see other dogs get all the attention and this one just wanted a little love too.


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