Backwoods Bridge Ghost of Buckhead, NC

Okay…So, my friends and I were on the way back from a club, cruising, on a foggy night…Hopefully, this will not take away the credibility of my story, but, yes, we had been drinking…I was the driver, and we were crossing this bridge, down in the backwoods, near my hometown, at about two or three o’clock in the morning…As we approached the bridge, I spotted a what seemed to be a human-like figure in the middle of my side of the road..I could not quite make it out from the distance between us, so I took a slow approach..It was my guess that this caught the attention of the other three passengers..As I got up on the figure, I realized that it appeared to be a dark patch of fog, standing tall in the road, but, to my surprise, when I got about fifteen feet away from the object, it literally, swiveled down into the ground…My face dropped in shock and horror…I didn’t want to say anything because I did not want to alert my fellow passengers, and I didn’t not want to give them a false sense of alarm and harm; however, I noticed, now, what seemed to be a “dead silence” in the car..Even the radio tuned out in the silence…It was weird…I look over at my front-seat passenger, and she looked at me, and I would say that her face was pale, except for the fact that, like me, she’s African-American…Judging by the look on her face, I could tell that something had shaken her, too…Breaking the silence, I whispered, “You saw it too?” All she could do was shake her head…I glanced into the backseat to see the same, distorted, facial expressions on the other two..It was evident that there was SOMETHING back there..With horror in my eyes and slowly dropping to my heart, I locked the doors, tightened my seat belt, and I zoomed home…Since that night, I’ve never driven that road at night, again!

Shae, N.C.

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