Blackshear Home #1 EVP

Michele got this EVP during our first investigation of a home in Blackshear, GA.

She actually captured two voice’s on top of each other. We can’t rule out the louder voice being one of us though it sounds more like an EVP and is completely out of place in the full recording.  Listen closely and you will hear the loud voice (or EVP) covering the part of the first word of the second EVP. (Hope that makes sense)



HGWI never enhances our recordings in any way when presenting them either to the public or to the owners of a location. We don’t speed them up or slow them down or play them backwards. But, as I got ready to post this EVP tonight, 10 years later, I wanted to see if I could isolated the second EVP from the first. I eliminated all the sounds higher than and lower than the EVP. Please note that the EVP itself was still never touched. I only removed frequencies around the EVP but did no enhancements to the actual sounds of the EVP.

This also makes the first EVP to be played for the public that isn’t in its raw form. Let me know what you think below.


Click here to see what we hear

We hear “Ok, Go for help!” in this EVP. Part of what makes this EVP special to us is that we learned that the home was the site of an awful tragedy in 1910. Could this be us hearing a moment shortly after where he is telling someone to go get help? .


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