Allatoona Pass EVP

Allatoona_Pass_2-9-08_019Casey captured this creepy voice during one of our investigations of the pass.  What makes this EVP interesting is the events leading up to it being recorded.  The team was on the trails on the lake side of the pass when they all saw a dark figure of a man ahead of them.  The figure looked to be an actual person so the team called out to it to say hello and to see who it was.  This caused the man to take off running through the woods.  Tim, being in law enforcement and fearing that the individual messing with us, gave chase.  Chasing the figure through the woods Tim caught up to him just as the trail took a sharp turn.  The man ran straight at the bend and off the side of a small cliff vanishing into the night sky.  Tim was so close to the form that he couldn’t see that the cliff was coming and luckily caught hold of a tree to keep from falling off the cliff.  It was just after this that the recorder picked up this male sounding voice.  At the end of the clip you will hear Casey saying “dang”.

Click here to see what we hear.

What we hear is “excuse me!” in a very creepy voice.


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