A request to make donations to HGWI

The other night as I was meeting with people at House on Horror Hill I was talking about how we do everything we do without ever charging the people we are trying to help.  The conversation continued across how we investigate, EVP’s, past and future investigations and how excited we are to finally be able to investigate The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana after a 9 year wait.  I told them how this location was the sole reason they were sitting in HGWI’s base trailer that night.  I explained that because of me studying the library I decided to start my own group and that soon HGWI was born.  I talked about how we were going to be doing a fund raiser here and there to help with the money to take the trip. It was at this point that one of the guests asked “So you guys travel all the time to help people but never ask for money?  And now, you are going to do your dream investigation…  How can we help and donate some money?”  I was honestly floored!  I covered up my surprise with a quick joke of “There will be button on the site tomorrow” but inside I was truly touched.  Someone offering to help us out of the goodness of their hearts and today, as I type this, I realize if this is how families we try to help feel then I am truly blessed.  I will honor these individuals request for a button so people can help us out with the expenses of our travels, and so some of you can help us with this amazing opportunity to finally investigate somewhere that is personally so special to me.  Check out the “Help HGWI” page if you’d like to help.

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