cropped-HGWI-white.pngHistoric Ghost Watch and Investigation is based out of Atlanta, GA. We are fully capable of investigating any home, business or other location.  All investigations are done free of charge and can be kept completely confidential.  We investigate paranormal activity and strive to help those experiencing something that they can not explain. If you need our help, please contact us. We have full resources across the country.  We can help you.

Ghost Investigations

  • We do not use or condone the use of Ouija boards or séances as a means of investigation. We believe that an investigation must be based on the obtainable facts. We believe that full research into the history of a site is a vital portion of any investigation. The historical information should also only be known to the lead investigator to keep the investigating team open minded to the results of the study.
  • No investigation should ever be done alone, accidents do happen, plus an additional person will give you positive confirmation of any results of your investigation.
  • Any investigation must be done with the full support of the property owners and only at a time they are comfortable with. No damage to a site is excusable under any circumstance and in the case of an accident the owners should be contacted as soon as possible.
  • During an investigation the team must be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free as these will impair the ability of some of the senses and also create a dangerous environment for both the investigators and the site under investigation. Be responsible for your actions. Show respect to the history of the site by leaving it at least as good as you found it.
  • Always be professional and remember that we represent not only the organization in which we are members of; but also investigators across the globe.

Our Goals and Who We Are

Our main goal is really quite simple…
To Help People.
Using the latest equipment; structured investigation procedures; and following up an investigation with extensive historical research, we strive to offer the best investigation we can provide without cost. Our first and foremost concern are the individuals that ask for our help. By helping them, we also gather information that assists our ongoing effort to explain the unexplained. We are Ghost Hunters after all and we love what we do. We love the long hours on the road; late nights reviewing that weekends evidence; and finding a great meal in a city we’d never heard of.  Ghost Hunters in the hope of capturing that elusive bit of evidence that proves the existence of ghosts.

Part Historian, Part Ghost Hunter and Part Watching over those that need us…

We are Historic Ghost Watch!